As a premiere Executive Search firm with a reputation for high-level placement services in the Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare industries, Razor Rank was tasked with redesigning Klein Hersh's website to bring the company's great reputation to a new site. The new design respected the company's brand and provided a more modern and contemporary style. Design utilized SEO best practices as the goal was not only to design a beautiful website, but ensure high visibility in organic search. We also focused on simplifying the conversion funnel in order to provide a streamlined and intuitive path for existing clients and new visitors to easily contact the right search experts in specific areas of expertise.
Klein Hersh
Klein Hersh

Our Approach

We first analyzed the existing website, collaborated with the client team to set goals for the new site. We ensured that we understood the target audience and did competitive analysis. We designed wireframes for the home page that would speak to our audience and guide them to the right target pages. We then created wireframes for all templates and custom pages, working with client to get feedback and test UI and usability. We had to review existing content to determine where copy rewrites were required before going to colorization and imagery. Then the fun began!
A design that was focused on embellishing their existing "form" with a new streamlined and easier "function".
Paul B.
Design Team

Mobile device showing website

Services Provided

UI/UX Design Implemented a more modern and contemporary site re-design while keeping UI/UX practices simple, familiar and intuitive. Also provided a clear structure to the visual hierarchy of information of the site, updating navigation, helping returning visitors and new clients quickly understand the services and get to the right experts quickly and smoothly.
Graphic Design By taking into account both current brand styling and the goals the team wanted us to achieve now and into the future, we developed an updated, higher end look and feel to their current branding and designed a site that is new and recognizable, setting a tone of higher caliber service.
WordPress Development Mobile responsive for all device types. Back end setup and configuration for a clean WordPress environment that would allow for a smooth development of the site and cement a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.