With a lot of information, many special services, features and products, the client tasked us to provide a new design which required custom icon and imagery to be conceived and created from scratch. In addition, they wanted to be ranked higher in Google search results for their products and services.
Coronet. Security Done.
Coronet. Security Done.

Our Approach

We familiarized ourselves with the client's products and services, and developed clearer messaging throughout the entire site. Each page was designed to function like a micro landing page that could stand alone for conversions.
The team had a great time designing the robots and cyber security graphics the client wanted to use throughout the site.
Andrew O.


Services Provided

UI/UX Design Site functionality and layout were the main focuses of the UI/UX design to bring all the required pieces together in clear consistent, usable and memorable picture. An important goal was to drive conversions and reusability.
Graphic Design Our team updated the brand styling, worked on new typography, color palette, custom imagery and various other assets needed to complete a whole package for their new website and marketing venues.
Illustration Design The client wanted to enhance their brand identity. We created a cool robot mascot that embodied their products inner workings to be used in the custom illustrations throughout the various pages in the site. We also produced custom branded icons and other imagery used to enhance the company's marketing campaign.