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Technical SEO can be the difference between having a pretty website, and having a marketing machine that generates leads and drives revenue. There are many technical factors that Google has deemed 'best practices' which should be followed when creating, expanding, or migrating your company's website and Google has placed increasing emphasis on technical elements of  SEO. At Razor Rank, our team excels in technical SEO, helping big brands with complex eCommerce platforms gain high visibility for their products, but also helping small-to-medium-sized businesses employ these same best practices- with stellar results. 

The bigger and more competitive the industry, the more important technical SEO becomes in winning the top spots in organic  search.

Technical items like structured data (markup), page load speed, toxic backlinks, mobile friendliness, Internal link structure, duplicate content and many other factors can result in lower rankings, less traffic and  loss of revenue.

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Technical Site Audits

A technical website audit identifies issues preventing your site from achieving highest visibility in organic search. Crawling and indexing audits, content audits, mobile audits, page load speed audits, backlink audits, competitor audits and a host of other SEO audits are necessary to ensure your website is functioning optimally. Stay on top of your competition with regular audits of your website.


Site Migrations

If you're moving your site to an upgraded platform, redesigning your site, or moving to a completely new platform, it's critical that the SEO equity your site has built over the years is maintained in the process. Our team has helped move hundreds of websites safely, and ensure the site grows after the migration. Site migrations can result in dramatic losses in traffic and revenue if not done properly.

Structured Data 

Structured data (markup) is code that helps search engines understand the information on your page. This markup helps search engines display your products and services more prominently in search results.  Using correct markup can improve click through rates and help rankings. 


Competitor  Analysis

Understanding your competitors is key to being able to outperform them. Our team will do a deep dive on the SEO and paid media tactics your competitors are using and provide direction on the most effective strategies for success. Rankings, link profiles, hierarchy structures, internal link mapping and other efforts should be researched as an important part of your overall strategy. 

International SEO 

Optimizing your website for proper country targeting is important to  help search engines easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages to use.  Without proper international optimization search engines can see pages as duplicate content and competing pages can result in significant loss of SEO value. Optimization of hreflang tags are used to indicate which languages your content is available. 


Client Testimonials
“I can comfortably say that Razor Rank is one of the best partners I've been lucky enough to work with. The engagement met the goals and expectations of the internal team, leading to an ongoing relationship. Razor Rank provides a high level of customer service and support. The team is hard-working, creative, and thorough.”
Craig Madden, SVP eCommerce, Propper International
“Razor Rank truly embodies the meaning of partner in everything they do. After a global website relaunch, SEO did not tumble and organic revenue didn't drop off... it started growing. The team at Razor Rank was very easy to communicate with, share ideas and strategize with.”
Ryan Jeffrey, Digital Marketing Manager, Maui Jim
“They weren’t just order-takers, they were partners that could advise of strategy. Over the course of a few months, the team’s work catalyzed a 500% increase in qualified leads, a 35% decrease in bounce rate, and a 50% increase in total visitors. Their design capabilities proved to be comparable to major players in the industry.”
Carl Beauregard, SVP Marketing, Coronet
“They’ve been, without a doubt, the best partner that I’ve ever come across. The law firm's organic traffic has doubled for personal injury, and we're ranking number one for over 100 targeted keywords. Razor Rank has produced excellent results, they consistently over-deliver and exceed expectations.”
Dan Brian, Director Digital Marketing, Personal Injury Law Firm
“They’ve taken the time to fully understand our very complicated business model and make accurate recommendations. We has seen improvement in our organic traffic, conversion rate, and SEO rankings. Proactivity in providing recommendations is a hallmark of their work.”
Christine Craig, VP Sales & Marketing, Bramble Berry
“As an interim CMO for Private Equity, I use Razor Rank as my go-to team for organic and paid search. The companies I work with are big brands who expect real results. I can count on Razor Rank to perform at 100% and bring my clients the results they need. I rely on them, and they never let me down.”
Jeanne Sherman, CMO, Chief Outsiders
Proven Process, Successful Growth
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