NOREX is a company that brings executive IT leaders together in a vendor-free networking community, allowing companies to exchange and share resources to learn and grow, both for themselves and the businesses manage.

Our Approach

The client had a great deal of information stored on subdomains and behind password protected areas, preventing the company from achieving a strong SEO presence. The site was also aging and didn't provide the contemporary image the company wanted to portray. Our design and SEO teams collaborated with the client's executive team to fully understand their business goals and devised a plan to move the content that was not proprietary to the main site and outlined a comprehensive SEO strategy. In addition, we created a new, modern site with a fresh look that accurately portrayed the company's image.
I enjoyed working with the NOREX team to open their untapped content to the public with an updated style, helping them reach the IT community with so much great information, and a more contemporary experience.
Paul B.
Design Team

Mobile device showing website

Services Provided

UI/UX Design Keeping UI/UX practices simple, familiar and intuitive, the design and functionality of the site was at the forefront of our minds throughout the project. Our goal was to keep things simple, knowing their clientele was already tech savvy. It was important for visitors to be able to find the info they wanted quickly and efficiently, while also conveying opportunities to new members clearly.
Graphic Design With the client's new brand requirements and the goals that both the client and our team wanted to achieve, we designed a fresher, trendier look and feel for the new site. The new site design took cues from and complemented their existing brand styling and was reimagined using the new information and content strategy.
WordPress Development The existing website was on a difficult to use, custom platform which we migrated into a WordPress platform, making it much easier to manage and expand. Speed, mobile responsiveness and ease of use were important goals we achieved.