PPC Expert Series – Truck Accident Cases

We’re here to talk about truck wreck cases and the question is, why can’t you get more truck wreck cases from your PPC efforts?

Everyone wants commercial policy cases, however your clients don’t really think in those terms and they certainly don’t search using those keywords. We’ve actually found that a well-oiled car wreck campaign will accidentally deliver more truck accident cases than your dedicated truck accident PPC campaign can generate on purpose…

If you want more truck cases there is a way, but most law firms don’t utilize it. It’s a matter of training Google’s machine learning for the outcomes you want. In other words, train Google on which actual clicks turned into commercial policies, and let them know the value of the cases. As we train Google’s AI for those higher value outcomes over time, they will happily send you as many truck wreck cases as you can handle.

If you want to know more, or just want a second opinion regarding your PPC efforts give us a call. We’d love to help.

Published by Andrew Orlander
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