PPC Expert Series – Reporting on Clicks and Calls, When All You Care About are Signed Cases.

Let’s talk about the PPC “Conversion Disconnect.” Here’s the question, do you trust your PPC scorecard? Does your marketing team bring you impressions… and they report on clicks and ‘conversions,’ meanwhile what matters most to you are signed cases? That is the Conversion Disconnect.

Think of it like a baseball game. Imagine scoring a baseball game by only counting singles and doubles, never really knowing who crossed home plate. You know singles and doubles are fine but the winner of the game is determined by the team who crosses home plate the most. Take it a step further, if you’re only tracking singles and doubles how will you know who’s scoring the most runs, who to pay more, who to pay less?

This is how most law firms are managing their campaigns… they just pay everybody. Pay all the campaigns and hope for a good outcome. Well, those law firms are just wasting money. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you fall into these categories:

First, do you know where every signed case comes from? Do you know where every intake comes from? Next question: Do you know your cost per signed case, do you know it down to the campaign or keyword? In other words, do you know which keywords and which campaigns bring you the most signed cases?

Last, and most importantly, if you raised your PPC budget six times do you think it would bring six times as many signed cases, or would it just bring a lot of waste?

If you answered no to any of those questions you’re probably reading from the wrong scorecard and have a ton of waste in your campaigns.

Here at Razor Rank we’ve developed Full Circle Attribution.™ It connects your scorecard with Google’s scorecard so you can know exactly who is scoring and which campaigns deserve continued resources and which campaigns do not.

If you’d like help with your scorecard or just want a second opinion on your PPC campaigns give us a call we’d love to help.

Published by Andrew Orlander
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