The firm wanted a more contemporary look and feel for their site, which would set the tone for their high degree of professionalism, emphasizing the fact that they are an established, compassionate and capable team of attorneys. Paramount importance was placed on establishing high rankings in organic search. The site needed to be redesigned to be conversion-worthy, so visitors would feel confident enough to convert from shoppers, to new clients.
Crowe Arnold Majors, LLP
Crowe Arnold Majors, LLP

Our Approach

A focused approach was taken which would bring their practice areas and attorneys to the forefront. Practice areas needed to be robust and contain imagery and video, wrapping that up with a simple design that's easy, intuitive and simple to navigate.
The firm wanted a more contemporary look that allowed SEO to take their organic strategy to the next level.
Paul B.
Design Team


Services Provided

UI/UX Design Elaborated on their existing brand styling to produce a user-friendly design that is functional and leads visitors deeper into the site. The site was also designed to be scalable for growth as the plan is to expand in size significantly.
Graphic Design For the redesign project, we had to develop custom icons and produce high definition edited photos to use throughout the site.
WordPress Development Our team produced a clean, new CMS environment using WordPress, eliminating old and conflicting theme issues. Page speed was improved to be more competitive as well. Mobile responsive for all device types.