Knesko Skin is a luxury skin care company with a e-commerce website. We were tasked with establishing a design that was simple, elegant and functional, while embellishing the brand and product, creating a memorable experience for both new, and loyal returning customers.
Knesko Skin
Knesko Skin

Our Approach

Combined e-commerce, guidance and glamour into an experience that centered around a clean design, using best practices and a technical SEO foundation.
A great ecommerce and brand experience bringing the client's product to the front lines of their industry.
Director of Design


Services Provided

UI/UX Design Design was driven around ensuring the product and imagery take precedence, UI created to guide users to find products easily, setting the tone for a memorable e-commerce experience.
WordPress Development Built an e-commerce foundation that gives the client ease of use and scalability, including tools that allow the client to monitor metrics for sales and remarketing.
Search Engine Optimization Our team was tasked with creating an SEO strategy that would be effective in a crowded marketplace. We were highly successful and sales increased significantly.