The original site was outdated, and F. Silverman wanted their website to look as high-end as their store, which is a gorgeous, open-concept work of art with huge high ceilings, lots of sparkling showcases, and diamonds everywhere. We worked with their team to find the perfect imagery and messaging, keeping in mind the goal was also to rank for their important products and keywords. The site exceeded expectations, and F. Silverman dominates in rankings across all their geographic regions.
F. Silverman Jewelers
F. Silverman Jewelers

Our Approach

We took an elegant, high-end contemporary approach to imagery, layout and overall design to really make the company's brand and services shine. We also adhered to a clean build practice for overall intuitiveness and SEO leverage.
F. Silverman wanted a redesign of their site to match the look of their brand, speak to their luxury brand clientele.
Andrew O.


Services Provided

UI/UX Design Clean visual hierarchy UI approach was taken for the menu and over all layout of the site to focus the user’s attention to the product and services, removing unneeded noise. While also establishing a high-end look and feel.
Graphic Design Icon and graphic asset design was required. Imagery had to be customized through edits and colorization to make a uniform appearance for the brand.
Development WordPress Development was used to provide an easy to use CMS. Responsive design for all device types. Icon and graphic asset design was required.