Hi, this is Erik from Razor Rank and we’re here to talk about your PPC campaigns.

Actually, I’m here to ask a question… Do your PPC campaigns scale?  What I mean by that is, if you were to spend 10 times more next month than you spent this month, would you get 10 times as many signed cases? Probably not. In fact, the number one answer we get is no, and actually truth be told, it’s “hell no!” The reason is your campaigns are probably being managed based on “activity” and not on “outcomes.”

What I mean by that is, do you focus (or do your ad people focus) on cost per click? Are they focused on where your ad presents itself on the search page? That’s “activity based PPC management.” Every important thing in our lives is based on “outcomes,” and our philosophy is that your campaigns should also be based on outcomes… and the only outcome that matters to you is, did that click turn into a sign case? And if it did, and we’re able to feed that information back into Google, Google’s advanced machine learning will find ways to optimize your campaign so they repeat those great outcomes. Was it a motor vehicle case? Was it a commercial truck wreck case? Was it a serious injury case or was it just a run-of-the-mill intake call?

Once Google starts getting that information, they’ll send you more of the good stuff. Until you get to that point where you manage your accounts based on outcomes, you’ll never get to a point where you can scale your campaigns.  And Google would actually like you to be able to.  They want you to be able to turn your volume up spend more and get a better return.

If you’d like help with this call us… If you’d like to learn more about these concepts, we’d love to help.

Published by Andrew Orlander
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