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Company SizeRegional Practice - Multiple Locations
Business TypeCosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Provided ValueIncreased traffic, increased rankings, increased revenue
Razor Rank helped us improve our rankings significantly, and we were able to open a second office location. Their team is always there when we need them.
Dr. Nick
Founder, Partner

Project Overview

The doctors at Long Island implant specialize in dental implantology. They came to us complaining that their site just couldn't seem to achieve organic rankings for any of the keyword phrases they cared about. They wanted to drive traffic to the site for dental implant cases and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. They also needed a paid media strategy that would generate new patient cases each month. In addition, their website was dated and needed a redesign. 

The Results

Our team did a technical audit of the site and identified a series of issues causing soft penalties with Google that would not allow the site to gain significant traction in SERPs for any important keywords related to cosmetic dentistry or implant procedures. In addition, there was no formal content strategy in place  to target all the great procedures the dentists provided.


Technical Website Audit

After performing a technical audit of the site , our team identified and resolved duplicate content issues, page architecture problems, internal linking issues, page load speed problems and other technical issues that were causing soft penalties. These penalties were not manual penalties, but were preventing important keywords from gaining any rankings at all.  Once these issues were resolved by our team, the rankings for keywords began increasing significantly.  You can see in the image below, our work is paying off, with a huge traffic increase of 7,766 additional sessions per month!

Increased traffic by
visits per month

Content Strategy

Razor Rank performed extensive keyword research on all of the cosmetic dentistry and implant procedures, including cosmetic dentistry, veneers, implants, all on 4, all on six, same-day implants, dentures and many others. After keyword research was done, our team used it to design a formal content strategy with target pages and content silos.  Over a 24 month period, we were able to achieve a whopping 532.65% increase in new users from organic traffic, and over 8,000+ new users per month!

Increased new users by
24-month comparison

Increased Keyword Rankings

The doctors wanted to improve rankings for implant-related keywords, and also for many of their cosmetic procedures. By updating the hierarchy of the site to develop silos of content around each of their practice areas, the keyword rankings for all of their important practice areas soared to page one of SERPs. Cosmetic dentistry is a competitive field, and the site improved to the point that 80 of the 114 keywords made it to page one, including 34 dental implant phrases.

ranking on page one



When a website traffic increases by more than 500% it's a beautiful thing. In this case, we saw sessions increase from 1458 sessions, to 9225 sessions per month, not too bad! However, New Users increased by just under 600%, and went from 1213 new users, to 8466 new users per month. That's an increase of 7253 New Users per month in a 24-month period. 


Video Ads

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising can be a rich source of new patients for a dental practice. You can target specific demographics, interest groups, zip codes, and use video ads to improve results over traditional image ads. In our case, we created custom video ads to be used across various social media platforms to assist with lead generation.