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Company SizeGlobal Retailer
Business TypeMajor International Sunglasses Brand
Provided ValueSignificant increases in conversions, revenue and rankings
Razor Rank truly embodies the meaning of partner in everything they do.
Ryan Jeffery
Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Project Overview

Maui Jim engaged with Razor Rank during a major platform upgrade to guide them through the migration process. The migration project was followed by a comprehensive SEO program which encompassed ongoing technical SEO support, major keyword expansion projects, new onsite content development, conversion rate optimization, and many additional SEO related projects. Razor Rank and Maui Jim have collaborated on their user experience and search engine optimization projects over many years since the engagement began with amazing results. The teams work collaboratively on all projects and involve Maui Jim's designers, developers, and eCommerce team. Each year, Razor Rank has driven increases in traffic and sales year over year with double-digit growth in traffic, revenue, and increased conversion rates.

The Results

Overall results have been nothing short of spectacular. The initiatives driven by Razor Rank have helped improve overall search engine ranking, revenue, and conversions. Maui Jim's rankings and the total number of high-volume relevant keywords driving traffic has overcome competing sites giving Maui Jim the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive market. The platform upgrade project and following SEO initiatives moved Maui Jim's search engine presence above such competing brands as Ray Ban, Oakley, and even major resellers such as Sunglass Hut. With all of the growth in new users and overall sessions, Razor Rank's conversion rate optimization (CRO) projects have helped improve conversions, helping increase overall sales even further. Razor Rank continues to work with Maui Jim to improve their user experience, search engine performance, and conversion rates.


Major Platform Migration

Maui Jim was weeks away from going live with a major Hybris/SAP platform upgrade. The client was concerned about a possible loss of SEO equity as a result of the migration. During a pre-migration audit, Razor Rank uncovered numerous issues that would have resulted in the loss of any and all SEO equity they had built up to that point. Razor Rank advised the Maui Jim team to delay the launch date while the issues were addressed. By providing all of the solutions and direction to avoid a potentially devastating loss, including handing off code to the development team to save them time and effort in implementation of the changes required, the site went live with absolutely zero loss of SEO equity in the process. We then commenced our SEO optimization project with the stable site on the new platform.

Loss of SEO Equity
after platform migration

Organic Search Revenue

Since Razor Rank began working with Maui Jim, the client continues to see incremental year-over-year increases in revenue, even on top of the previous year's growth. The total organic search revenue increase since the program inception is well into the triple digit percentages, and on average they are enjoying 35% + increases in revenue versus the previous year. This translates into significant revenue year over year.

Revenue Growth
0% +
versus prior year

Google Keyword Rank Improvements

According to Google Search Console, Razor Rank has increased the total number of keywords ranking on page one in Google and driving traffic to from less than 300 non-brand keywords to well over 5,000 non-brand keywords on page one, each keyword driving incremental traffic and revenue to the website. As Razor Rank implements new SEO initiatives on the website, ranking and traffic continues to improve every month.

Page 1 Keywords
high value, non-brand keywords