Mattress Retailer – Advances in Keyword Rankings within 6 Months

This mattress retailer with statewide locations was struggling with rankings for all keywords related to their products. They were consistently outperformed by their competitors and could not get visibility for their important keyword phrases. Our team worked with the development team to make changes to structured data, page architecture and load speed issues and the results below are dramatic.  The company was able to achieve significant visibility through maps and organic search and beat out their competitors in a 6-month period. In the first image you can see the huge increases in keyword rankings after our team performed an intensive link review and removed many offending anchor text links from the profile… in the second image below, a few months later this company dominated the competition and had page one, number one rank in SERPs for every keyword category important to the business.

Click the image to enlarge – Check this out!   Great SEO results with e-Commerce site

Mattress Retailer Keyword Rankings

A few months later, this retailer dominated the competition after struggling for years.

Mattress Retailer Keyword Rankings 2




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