Content Marketing

Content marketing and link building are critical to the success of a website, and essential in building a strong web presence.  Search engines consider links to your website votes of popularity, and not all links are alike.  Links from high quality, authoritative sites are worth much more than links from a new website, and links from low quality websites can harm your site’s visibility in search results.

Link Building IllustrationContent marketing provides two important benefits for your website.  First, it provides foot traffic to your website. This means more visitors to your site from the partner site. Second, content marketing provides a back link, or a link to your website. Google and other search engines use these backlinks as one factos in deciding how popular your website is, and how authoritative it is.

Content marketing  and link building is customized and time consuming process of finding appropriate partners with high quality websites who will post content on their site and link back to your website.

Razor Rank’s team has years of experience in content marketing and link building in some of the most competitive niches.  Call us today to find out how we can help you enhance your company’s web presence with our customized approach.

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