Search Engine Optimization Services

Razor Rank offers a comprehensive suite of SEO services for e-commerce and informational websites. Razor Rank evaluates technical website issues and ensure your website’s products and services are achieving the highest possible exposure in search results. Our team of experienced SEO consultants and project managers are accustomed to working with in-house teams and third party contractors to ensure proper execution of recommendations. Razor Rank’s team has additional in-house resources to assist with implementation of all optimization requirements.

Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO ConsultingWe provide a full series of technical website audits to ensure your website is compliant with Google’s best practices. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Full Technical Website Audit
  • Mobile Site Audit
  • Content audit
  • On-Page SEO Audit

In addition to the high level audits listed above, our team of consultants will fully evaluate the following items when performing a technical website audit:

SEO for eCommerce Websites

The team at Razor Rank has experience with eCommerce SEO for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 as well as small to medium-sized eCommerce companies. The larger and more complex the website, the more dramatic the eCommerce results we see. Our team prides itself on finding solutions for companies with hundreds or thousands of products in the most competitive niches.  If you have been struggling to achieve visibility for your products, or you have seen a decrease in statistics over time, call us for a review of your website and find out how the team at Razor Rank can help you gain significant visibility for your products and services, and significantly increase your bottom line.

SEO for Lawyers

Our experience with technical SEO has helped us bring significant success to attorneys. Attorneys, especially personal injury attorneys, typically have the highest level of competition for market share and the highest costs-per-click of any informational websites. By applying the same principles of technical SEO we utilize with eCommerce sites, our team is able to provide the best SEO results for lawyers in the most competitive demographic markets. See our SEO results for lawyers.

Penalty Recovery Services

If your website has been penalized by Google, whether the penalty is a manual penalty or an algorithmic penalty, our team can fully assess the issue and help remove the penalty. Razor Rank’s team has experience in all types of penalty remediation, and can help your site recover.

SEO image 2We offer penalty remediation for the following types of issues:

  • Penguin Recovery
  • Panda Recovery
  • Manual Penalty Recovery
  • Algorithmic Penalty Recover

Website Redesign SEO Services

The internet is always changing and so is website technology. If your website is outdated and is not competitive from a user-friendliness point of view, or it is no longer SEO compliant, Razor Rank can provide a website SEO redesign that will help you become competitive again. Ask about our website SEO redesign services and get back on track with a first-class look and feel for your website that will help you convert visitors to customers.


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