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Case Study: SEO for Travel Site

This well known travel site was experiencing an alarming decrease in visitors, and a big drop in sales for their Mexico vacation rental business. Our team performed a technical website audit and identified many factors leading to the decline: poor page architecture, lack of a formal, organized content strategy, lack of an organized internal linking strategy, missing and incomplete structured data, and toxic links built by a previous SEO company to name a few. Our team created a detailed SEO Roadmap and a schedule of tasks to complete. The developer was having trouble implementing the schedule due to illness, so our team provided the development work. In addition, the prior team had used offshore content writers who had riddled the site with grammatical errors and poorly designed content. Our team took over the content as well. We went through the site, silo by silo and implemented our strategy. We also implemented a content marketing strategy designed to build high quality links and bring foot traffic for the site. The results are very impressive.

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SEO Results for Travel Site v1

SEO Results for Travel Site v2

SEO Results for Travel Site v3

SEO for Travel Sites v4

SEO for Travel Sites v5

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