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The team at Razor Rank provides first-class technical SEO consulting for eCommerce sites with complex platforms. If your company’s products and services are not performing well in search, call Razor Rank for a review of the issues, and we’ll be happy to help. The results below are actual snapshots from analytics on websites we’ve worked on, and you can see the results speak for themselves. The more significant the problems with the site, usually the more dramatic the results.

Big Brand e-Commerce Retailer – Increases Revenues by $22,000 per month

After a technical audit of this Big Brand Retailer, our consulting team was able to help them increase revenues from organic traffic by more than $22,000/month from the same month last year.  The retailer saw increases in all aspects of user behavior, with an increase in traffic, increase in the number of transactions, increases in number of unique purchases, increase in average order value. and increases in the e-commerce conversion rate. At the bottom of the image, you can see the tremendous increases in traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. In addition, an added benefit was the average cost per click from PPC came down significantly.

Results of implementing SEO recommendations on product pages.
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Best eCommerce SEO - 22K per month Growth 2015 3-23-45 PM


Fortune 500 e-Commerce Retailer – Increases Revenues by $1,155,433 for six month period, year-over-year

This fortune 500 company increased its e-commerce revenue by more than $1.1M in a six month period compared to the same period in the previous year by following technical SEO recommendations. This increase came from a combination of mobile search optimization and deep linking search optimization in apps. We wanted to show this result first, but we didn’t think anyone would believe it! An astounding 2,293% increase in revenue from organic traffic helped this company blow its prior year’s revenue numbers off the charts!  In addition, we helped the company bring down its PPC costs and reduce cannibalization of organic conversion by PPC.

Results of implementing SEO recommendations on product pages.
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Best eCommerce SEO - $1M Increase in Revenue 6 months

Major Fashion e-Commerce Retailer – Increases Revenue by $150,000 in 3 month period year-over-year

This fashion retailer executed technical SEO recommendations concerning content and page structure which were implemented on the staging server and put into production just before Christmas. You can see the impressive increase in the number of sessions (up 46% from 1M to 1.5 M visits), increase in revenue by over $150,000 (from Jan to March), an increase in transactions by over 50%, and additional increases in all user behavior metrics, average order value, conversion rate and per session value. Ranking shot from page 2 to page on in positions 3-5 on page one for relevant keywords.

The email we received from the president of the company was short, “WOW!”

Results of implementing SEO recommendations on product pages.
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CLV results 150K Increase

Mattress Retailer – Huge Advances in Keyword Rankings within 3 months 

This mattress retailer with statewide locations was struggling with rankings for all keywords related to their products. They were consistently outperformed by their competitors and could not get visibility for their important keyword phrases. Our team worked with the development team to make changes to structured data, page architecture and load speed issues and the results below are dramatic.  The company was able to achieve significant visibility through maps and organic search and beat out their competitors in a 3 month period.

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Mattress Retailer - SEO Results


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